Beautiful Brows

If you asked my friends and family to describe me in one word I’m quite confident that none of them would mention the word girly. I’d say I’ve  always had a sort of layed back approach to my appearance so tend to just concentrate on my brows and lashes. I may be 27 but I’ve only, within the last year or 2 started taking more of an interested in make-up….it’s never too late I suppose.

Since starting to fill in my eyebrows about 7 years ago I have tried many eyebrow kits, eyebrow pencils and a few eye shadows to find a product I love the look of on my brows and also love to apply. My go to kit that I always return to after trying a new product has always been ‘Benefit Brow Zings’

Benefit have now improved the packaging and changed the small applicators for a dual-ended, extendable applicator. They have also added 3 new colours to their collection allowing you to get a great match to your natural brow.


I love this product as it’s small but has everything I feel you need to complete a beautiful brow all in one place. It’s great as you can create a soft natural brow for during the day and then more of a bold brow to go ‘out out’ and allows you to set it all in place with the coloured wax.

This product is £24.50 which is reasonable seeing as it lasts FOREVER, although if you didn’t want to pay that Sleek do a very similar product for £8.49 which is just as good so give that a go.


I have recently discovered the ‘MAC fluidline gelcreme’ it is amazing and I no longer think I could live without it.


It is the easiest product to apply ever, it just glides across your brow like it wants to wast no time. You only need the smallest amount on the end of your brush (I apply it with the MAC  208 angled brush) and it goes so far ,so I know this product will last which is what everyone wants. I have been swimming with this on my brows and when I got out the pool it had not even smudged, it has such good staying power.


This gelcreme retails at £16.00 which i was reluctant to pay when I 1st looked at it as it was so small, but knowing what I do now I would pay a lot more. I LOVE this product.

I would highly recommend either of these products, however the MAC gelcreme is defiantly my favourite. If you are looking for a new brow product then give these go and let me know how you get on.

Much loveage Loz x


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