Freddie’s 1st Halloween…

Freddie met his cousin Harrison for the 1st time today! I can't believe Freddie was 1lb and 11oz less than what Harrison is now, it doesn't seem possible looking at them side by side. I made my brother Mark and Ellie a chilli as soon as I work up so I could take it round… Continue reading Freddie’s 1st Halloween…


Freddie’s development – 3 monthsΒ 

Isn't it weird how you can feel like something so special happened just yesterday, but also not remember your life before the special thing happened. I can't believe Freddie is already 3 months old, the time has flown by with everyday rolling to one. My little boy is not so little anymore, now weighing 13lb… Continue reading Freddie’s development – 3 monthsΒ