We’re all going on a summer holiday…

Tommys parents booked for us to go away with them to a caravan park in Gorleston, Norfolk along with his sister, her boyfriend and Freddie’s cousin Chester. Ok so it wasn’t a holiday abroad to anywhere amazingly beautiful, but it is what you make it and we had a lovely time.

We arrived at the park around lunch time Friday 16th September and it was absolutely chucking it down. We were unable to check in until 4pm, so went for a drink in the restaurant until the rain calmed down a little. Once the rain had stopped we went for a walk around the park to see what was about and get used to where everything was. At 4pm the reception called tommys dad to let us know our caravan was ready and we could collect the keys. We were given caravan number 224, which was directly next to the main hall where the swimming pools, restaurant and night time entertainment was…Bonus.

The evenings were cheesy but great fun. They began with children’s entertainment and disco, then Bingo, a small children’s competition until around 9pm and went on to the adults entertainment until midnight. When we got back to our caravan each night we would all sit round the table and nibble cheese and biscuits until the early hours.

As Freddie was only 10 weeks old he was able to sleep in his Icandy pram carry cot which he seemed to love, so much so he slept through from 7pm until 5.40am/6am every night we were there…well done Freddie.

On the Saturday we took Freddie swimming for 1st time and I could not tell you if he enjoyed it or not? He didn’t cry which I’m sure is a good thing, but instead he fell asleep! Everyone was looking at him saying aww and having a little giggle.


Freddie went swimming 3 times that weekend and each time it seemed he enjoyed it more and more, by the end of the long weekend he was defiantly smiling.

After swimming we took a drive to Gorleston for a little walk and good old chip butty as the weather had improved.

On the Sunday the lads had to go back home to play football so the rest of us stayed around the park and Tommys mums sister came to visit us for the day. We had a go on the arcades, went swimming, had a roast and a few drinks.

A lot of friends had recommended that we visit a cafe/sweet shop called Bellyboos http://www.bellybooscandystore.co.uk as they make the best milkshakes, so on the Monday that was our mission before we headed home. We found the shop and we’re spoilt for choice, they all looked amazing and delicious. The staff there were really nice and we’re happy to tell us what went into each drink ect, they seemed really enthusiastic about their shakes too which made us want to try them all. I chose the Oreo milkshake as I just love all things Oreo (so much I named my black and white cat Oreo)


We had such a nice time that we are planning to go back to the same caravan park http://www.parkdeanholidays.co.uk next year after a holiday abroad 😉

I hope you have all had a little break away this summer.

Much loveage Loz x


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