New Baby New Blog

I’ve decided to write a blog to document my little boys life and talk about everything baby, family and life. What better time to start a blog than when bringing a new life into the world.

I was woken by a strong cramping feeling around midnight on Tuesday 5th July, but thought nothing of it at that point as I had convinced myself the whole 9 months that I was going to be induced at 14 days overdue. The cramps carried on for an hour or so, by which time I decided to wake my sister to keep me company as she was staying over for the night. Me and my twin sister Hannah started to time how far apart the cramps were and to see if this could possible be the start of my labour. It turned out they were contractions and they were happening for a minute every 5 minutes….for the next 3 days. Although my contractions were close together I was turned away from the hospital because I was only 3cm dilated and needed to wait for my baby to move.

I hadn’t slept for over 60 hours and was so drained by the Friday morning that I could hardly keep my eyes open, but the constant contractions would not allow me to sleep. I found myself having the strongest contractions I had so far by 6am that i had to get up from laying down and crouch by the side of my bed with every one. I ran a warm bath to see if that would ease the pain a little, however nothing changed and I started to feel as though I needed to push. My older sister (3 kids of her own) called me and as soon as she heard my contractions on the other end of the phone came over and took me straight to the hospital.

It was now 7.45am and I was asked to wait in the waiting room with my waters all over the floor until there was a spare room for me (one of my friends and her partner were in there too waiting for a room),  At 8.15am my partner Tommy arrived at the hospital and we were called to our room. The midwife took a quick look and told me I was 10cm dilated and had to push.

Freddie arrived at 9.05am and weighed 6.5lbs, I cannot even explain the feeling when I heard his first cry! The love for this baby that I had been carrying for 9 months and finally being able to hold was immediately unconditional. It was the best day of my life.

Then there were 3…


Freddie is now 11 weeks old and despite the difficulties of a newborn, myself and partner Tommy have loved every minute.


Much loveage Loz x


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